The Family

The Family

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Time Travel

There are moments in my life as a military spouse where I am blindsided by the rapid changing scenery of my friendships. I was blessed to spend the 2013 Panther football season with the three dedicated football moms pictured in the photo above. However, today as Zachary and I prepare for the 2014 football season to begin tomorrow the sad lonely truth is that none of these amazing women are no longer physically here on Guam with me.

As military families we are blessed to form quick, solid relationships with those who, with the reality of the pun, are in the same boat. We are thousands of miles away from our friends and families, and we often form relationships quickly with those who have the same interests as us, in this case it was football. Our boys were instantly banned into a unique band of brothers at a DODEA high school, a place where every student is the new student, and everyone understands the struggle of moving and having to make new friends.

These three women and I worked to make sure the boys were fed, had rides to where they needed to go, and sat in the stands at each game. We were the constants at the games, the ones always present. Sometimes our husbands were there, sometimes they were not, but we were there. When I look at this photo I experience so many emotions. Thankfulness for the gift of friendship, happy that I had some great women to share the milestones of my high school students with, grateful for the laughter, and sad that they will be present at each game this season in spirit only.

As much as I will miss these wonderful women and the family we created, I know based on experience, that I will be blessed with new friendships this season. New bonds will be formed and I will treasure the new friendships as much as the old. For this is the way of the military spouse. We build new friendships all while treasuring the old. We sacrifice greatly as we say goodbye to friends when we leave, or they leave. However, the enormous blessings of the numerous friendships were are fortunate enough to have far out weigh the many good byes we experience.

I am sure I will look back in a year and be able to share photos and memories of the new amazing friendships I was blessed with all within a short 365 days.